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Looking for Calvin and Hobbes: Book Review at the Daily Cartoonist

The Daily Cartoonist has a review up of the soon to be release book Looking for Calvin and Hobbes. The book is by Nevin Martell and endeavors to be a biography of famed cartoonist Bill Watterson. However, Watterson is a notorious recluse and wanted no part of Martell's book. Despite not having a person to person interview Martell went on to collect all of Watterson's written works, documented personal appearances, speeches and interviews. All that material along with several interviews conducted by Martell personally with several people close to Watterson and from his past all comes together to form the meat of the book.

I've had the opportunity to read the first chapter of the book myself which starts off detailing the story of the author writing the book itself and of Martell's mis-adventures in trying to get a personal interview with Watterson. Based on this review it sounds like there's a substantial amount of information beyond the authors own story, so I'm eager to read it for myself. Here's an excerpt from the review:

"On one hand, you gotta admire the tenacity of Nevin Martell who set out to write a biography of Bill Watterson. He could of made his life easier by picking someone more forthcoming or cooperative such as Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster. “Looking for Calvin and Hobbes” subtitled “The unconventional story of Bill Watterson and his revolutionary comic strip” is a long over due book for understanding one of the most influential cartoonists in comic history."

Read the full review here.