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Cartoonist Bob Flynn interviewed about his tools and process

If you're an art geek, like me, then you'll enjoy the site The Tools Artists Use. It's a web site run by Bill Turner and the site features a series of interviews with artists about the specific equipment and materials the artists use to create their work. A recent post interviews the amazingly skilled cartoonist and illustrator Bob Flynn.

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

When I’m in the studio, I typically draw with 2B pencils, but any old pencil will do for doodling. I sometimes draw with a non-photo blue pencil when I’m really trying to work something out in a study. If I’m inking on paper, I prefer nibs to brushes, though I’m trying to transition to brushes by working with brush pens. I find the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen particularly fun to use.

Read the full interview and see samples of Bob's work here.