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Webcomic Wire - 2/17/09

Drawn from sources that are glad to see a new week already in progress…

  • Uclick seems to be leading the pack in distributing comics to the iPhone.
  • DJ Coffman has a video tutorial on drawing comics with Cintiq.
  • Webcomic Finds explains their comic categories.
  • An interview on ComixTalk with Grant Thomas.
  • Publisher’s Weekly has an article about the good turnout to NYCC 2009.
  • Freelance Switch has 10 tax deductions that freelancers can make.
  • A new website for sharing sketches called Sketchory.
  • New Curator has a post called Museums and Webcomics.
  • CBR has their thoughts on which webcomics we should be watching.
  • The Washington Post has an article called ‘Which Webcomic Are You Ready to Rally Behind?’
  • CBR has a piece about Dark Horse continuing to print webcomic titles.
  • Switched says Marvel Comics are coming to the iTunes Store.
  • ComixTalk has an interview with Greg Dean, creator of Real Life.
  • Fried Fish Comcs is one year old. Congratulations!
  • The Examiner has a piece about webcomics.
  • The Daily Star has an article called ‘Teen Talk: Weekend Reviews: My time to judge more webcomics.’
Reported by Michael Moss.