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Webcomic Wire - 2/5/09

Drawn from sources that are still writing 2008 on their checks…

  • The Independant has a good piece called ‘How Cartoons Joined the 21st Century.’
  • Sony Pictures Animation and Platinum Studios, Inc. team up to develop an animated feature.
  • The Cartoon Art Museum in SF is having a benefit screening of Watchmen on March 5th. If you want to volunteer for thier wondercon party give a shout to Andrew (
  • Ka-Blam has started ComicsMonkey, a distribution network for print-on-demand comics to comic shops.
  • Union of Heroes reaches 100 pages. Congratulations!
  • An update on what’s going on with ComicSpace, LLC.
  • A new Scott McCloud graphic novel in the works.
  • An interestin post in defense of the webcomics business model.
  • Da Blog has part one of a series called ‘Webcomics’ Identity Crisis.
  • Ars Technica talks about the Infinite Canvas.
  • The Weekly Webcomic Spotlight is HotShot and Mighty Girl by Fred Van Lente.
  • The Webcomic Overlook has a post questioning the value of negative reviews.
Reported by Michael Moss.