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A Post about Jungles

This morning, I was combing through my inbox—like I do—when I ran across a message from Chronillogical’s very own Mr. Adventure (Greg). And you know what he said? I’ll tell you what he said! He said “I’m going to a jungle lodge for the next 4 days or so, so I probably won’t have internet access until Friday.”

Which means what, exactly:

  1. There is a strip ready for tomorrow!
  2. But there is not one ready for Friday, so:
  3. Filler again on Friday!

If you’re the patient type, then we’re eternally grateful for your patience! If you’re getting impatient … blame Greg! Alternatively, you could blame Brazil and/or jungles. Because, really, what have jungles ever done for us? I’m going to guess that they pretty much have no ecological or sociological importance to anyone, except for jaguars.