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A Post about the Ladies

Sort of.

Instead of torturing you all with another pun from Mr. Skeleton, I figured I’d instead indulge in something that I haven’t done around here in a while: the fabled Sketchdump. Obviously, none of these are finished yet, but I aim to ink and color ‘em when the time is right. (All except for the last, which I am unsure about. You’ll see!)


After drawing this autumnal person, I thought I’d continue with the seasonal themes. Summer’s above, and I believe winter is just below it:


More finished than the previous, obviously. [What is she pointing at]


She appears to have borrowed some boots from the winter lady? Gotta vary those wardrobes more, it appears!


This may or may not have gestated as the result of a thought experiment: how Sam Logan might draw Katie Rice and Luke Cormican’s Skadi. (Do you read Dumm Comics, speaking of which? Man, good stuff. Start reading!)


The best drawing, I think—the one I like best, anyway. She is probably from the future. Look at that future tech stuff. It is just so unbearably futuristic!!


Finally, a self portrait that I may or may not have aborted. Greg and I currently use author avatars that are somewhat outdated, and I’ve been meaning to draw new ones for a little while now. This picture, though—I admit I can be absent-minded, but I’m not an all-out spacecase airhead. (Not all the time, anyway).

Well! I hope this tides everyone for the time being. Hopefully we can ride out the rest of Greg’s vacation without resorting to non-comic shenanigans! See everyone in a few days!