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A Post about Public Opinion

Let’s get the bad news out of the way: Brazil has once again conspired against us.1 There will not be a full comic on Friday! To display the intensity of his anguish regarding the situation, Greg sent me an email containing no less than 601 frowny emoticons.2 That, friends, is regret. I’ll do my duty to produce something humorous or interesting in the meantime.

Regarding public opinion, though, I’d figured this is a good time to gauge peoples’ thoughts on a couple of things. Chronillogical has run for more than 100 strips now, and while Greg and I have discussed the strip’s future, it’s always worthwhile to know what fans are thinking. So, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email (john [at] chronillogical [dot] com) regarding one or all of the following:

  1. What do you like about the strip?
  2. What about the strip is most non-triumphant and/or not so great?
  3. Are there any eras you’d want our trio to tackle in the future?3
  4. Specific merch ideas?

Of course, we may decide not to use anyone’s suggestions and have the gang fizzle out in the Pleistocene, a gaggle of Megatherium their only companions. Then again, we might use all suggestions simultaneously in a schizophrenic post-modern barrage! Who knows? The only thing that will reveal the answers … is TIME.4


1 BRAZILLL!!! [shake-shake-shake-a-fist]
2 The original plan was to reproduce the email here for all to read, but that’s just too much gloom for one post to handle.
3 Hah … “future.” (Almost any time word becomes a pun in the context of this site. It’s ridiculous.)
4 Regardless, thanks for your input and thanks for reading!