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Karl Kleese of Willow’s Grove Reviews Johnny Saturn

Spotlight – Johnny Saturn

August 6

What happens to superheroes who are growing past their prime years of fighting crime? Johnny Saturn, the webcomic, explores this theme of a superhero who, although his mind is still willing, his body sometimes protests. After all of the years battling evil, his body is starting to show the signs of wear and now John Underhall must deal with how to adapt if he is to continue fighting the good fight.

The comic, created by Scott & Benita Story and drawn by Scott is set in Spire City, a modern metropolis. Spire City is part of a world that has always known superheroes, not as characters in the pages of comic books and pulp fiction, but real, flesh and bone people who battle real villains. For what is a superhero without a villain to fight?…just a person who dresses up in tights and a cape! The comic is updated three times a week, Monday, Wednesday & Friday and is already up to Book 10, Page 20.

Scott & Benita bring together a wonderfully complex and tightly interwoven tale of a superhero past his prime but unwilling to give up the mantle. Whether he is fighting villains or his own body to soldier on, the stories are compelling to read and the artwork is top notch. No matter what I write about it, I will still feel I have not done the comic justice in describing it because of its complexity. With over three years worth of strips, it may take you a while to catch up, but it will be well worth the read. Suffice it to say, it is definitely worth bookmarking and following along with the updates. But be forewarned, it covers adult situations so it is definitely PG13.

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