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Congratulations to Barry T Smith

Barry T Smith, creator of Angst Technology and other webcomics, is the proud father of a baby girl. Moriah Hailey Salas-Smith was born on July 5th.

Congratulations to the entire family.

Re: Congratulations to Barry T Smith

Katie Sekelsky's picture

I think there's a conspiracy going on with Webcomic artists having babies.

Just in the past couple weeks: Barry from Ink Tank, Maritza from College Roomies from Hell, whats-his-name from Squidi, and Bernie from Alien Loves Predator (twins!), have all had kids.

What if these kids grow up to form an ubertalented team of super-powered webcomic artists that take over the Internet?! What is the world coming to?!?!

Oh, and umm... congrats :D

Re: Congratulations to Barry T Smith

Erik Melander's picture

I'm guessing November is the webcomic creator mating period.