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A Return

Hey everyone! I’m back from my vacation and stuff!1 Here is a list, because lists are useful ways of organizing data:

  • Brazil was pretty fantastic! If you ever have the opportunity to go, do it! I may throw up a picture or two from the trip in a later post.
  • Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of the OWLS storyline this Friday! We will pick up again with the main quest next Tuesday. (And just for the record, John and I have mutually agreed that the OWLS storyline is 100% canon. I know many of you have been losing sleep over this point. I hope you can slumber peacefully once more.)
  • Remember John’s post about public opinion? We sure do! We mulled over your feedback and did our best to take it to heart. When the story picks up again on Tuesday we’re going to try our best to keep things focused and moving forward. Exploration is fun and all, but all this meandering is getting to be old news and John and I agree that it’s time for the gang to get back to work. Thus: if it feels like the strip is moving along at a brisker pace, be aware that it’s all by design.

1 This is Greg, by the way. John wasn’t ever on vacation, so it would be weird for him to say that he was back from one. Then again, John is guilty of stranger acts. I heard that he once wrote a whole series of comics strips about how a bunch of owls were harassing a skeleton man. Crazy, right?