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Back from Conversion

Conversion 25 went really well and I had a great time. However this now means I'm rather exhausted.

So stop making excuses for the overly long tmes between updates! Let's tell you a bit more than "had a great time" which every other web comic creator seems to say when they're back from a con.

I followed Tanya Huff (writer of "Blood Ties") in the caberet so I felt I needed to eat some garlicky humas to prove I wasn't a vampier. It was good the niblies included something garlicky so I didn't have to demonstrate that I wouldn't die if staked through the heart :)

I have a sneeking suspicion that I'm in a computer simulation and there's a pause button hidden somewhere, if I do things I haven't done beofer I might find it. Most of the things I can think of never having done are illegal, imoral, difficult, dangerous, expensive or some combination thereof. However I now know that doing a stand up comedy act doesn't get out of this annoying, poorly programmed and rather boring game. Nothing lost even though people laughed at me.

I also read my short story, "The Prince of Wizards" and played Thor in the radio play, "Gods Annominous".

There was also a very interesting talk about the unsolved mysteries of astrophysics. I don't know how you can be a atheist considering all the weid stuff in the universe we don't understand (including the very real possibility that there are multiple universes).

Then there were loads of people in really cool costumes and I had some interesting conversations with people I don't see that often. Nicole and myself went to a filk session with Manx Cat but few people turned up. Filk doesn't seem very popular at this con. It was a bit sureal when Manx Cat started talking about how Sheiagh (I hope I spelt that right) Campbell had died last year like it was something in a history book. Sheiagh was staying with us while she was ill and we're still looking after one of her cats and another cat she was looking after for a friend.

Talking about sureal. The radio play, "Space Oddity" had an alien named Lucy (they actually had some "Lucy in the Sky with Diamons" references - this play was many bits of song lyrics, some of them distorted) quoating lines from "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft". I once had a girlfriend called Lucy (or perhaps it should be said that she once had me - stop it!) from Wallacy (just across the Mersey from Liverpool) who looked like one of the people on the back of Klaatu's (who wrote "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft") "Sir Army Suit" album.

Anyway, I suppose I should get back to checking email for oportunites to make huge amounts of money and perhaps working on the comic.