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Harvey Pekar launches webcomic

Famed comic book writer and author of the autobiographical comic series American Splendor, Harvey Pekar, has announced a new online project, his own webcomics. The comic series, titled The Pekar Project, is set to be updated bi-weekly and will be hosted by the online writing and storytelling magazine, Smith.

I'm a fan of Harvey's writing, but this new venture seems a little strange to me. One update every two weeks is not the greatest update schedule to have for a webcomic and the first installment's navigation system, which bucks the usual webcomics system of "next", "back", etc., left me scratching my head at first (you need to click on the page numbers in the lower right to go to the next page.) I'm willing to give it a chance, of course. I'm hoping it will find it's footing and give us something really different and interesting. Here's a quote from the Pekar Project site itself:

Harvey Pekar’s been mining the mundane for magic for more than 30 years in his autobiographical American Splendor comics. Now he has teamed with SMITH and four remarkable artists to create his first ongoing webcomics series—and some of his jazziest work to date. The new stories will appear every other week, with interviews, creator spotlights, and behind-the-scenes goodies, as well as essays and art from Pekar collaborators and inhabitants of the extended Pekarverse.