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New Fans!

New Fans!
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These were my favorite fans from the NYC Japan Street Fair last weekend. We had a blast at the fair, sold all of our books, saw some friends, and I ate an anpan. Mmmmm!

This weekend, we also found out something that blew us away entirely: X-Men: Misfits landed at #6 on the New York Times Graphic Books Bestsellers list! It's listed there as a paperback, as opposed to a manga...and nobody is really sure why. Still, everyone around here is pretty stoked about it.

As for our live chat yesterday, it went well. I'm new to live chatting, and answering questions in the order they come in is no easy task! So many good questions kept popping up! Deb Aoki organized most of the chat into a more readable fashion, if you'd like to see what we talked about. Thanks, Deb! And thanks to everyone who stopped by and asked us questions.

That's it, I think, until our book party on Friday!