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Comicpress 2.8 is here!

Sorry you haven't heard more from me lately, but I've been pretty darn busy keeping up with the sequential art aspect of Johnny Saturn. No complaints, though, this is what I love to do!

Last night, with the ample assistance of Phil "Frumph" Hofer, we installed Comicpress 2.8 on this site.  There are a lot of cool options on the backside of this theme, and that's cool for me, but what does it mean for you, the reader?  My favorite new feature is click-thru navigation: when you are done reading a page, click on it and the next page pops up.  Couldn't be more simple or convenient!

The comic can now be accessed by the old archive page, as well as the new Comic Issue List.  It's never been easier to work your way through the archives.  You can also page through the issue list by the Issue Buttons in the main navigation, and there's a cool Random Comic button you can hit for fun.  These are a lot of options for getting around!