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Webcomic Wire - 9/4/09

Drawn from sources that are having their finger re-attached after a contentious health care debate…

  • AppScout has a post entitled ‘Disney, Marvel, and the future of Online Comics.’
  • Bad Idea Goggles has part one of a guide on how not to make webcomics.
  • Coyote Trax’s Webcomic Critique reviews Out Post 7.
  • CBR checks out the Ignatz nominees.
  • Locus column is about the success and critique of releasing free ebooks.
  • Publishers Weekly talks about print collections and webcomics.
  • io9 talks webcomics with their new post.
  • Hey! Look! Comics! has a sarcastic list of tips for webcomic beginners. A word of caution: Successful people don’t seek company.
  • The Examiner has a write up about the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.
  • Xerexes points us to The Continentals, a new webcomic from Darryl Hughes and Monique MacNaughton.
Reported by Michael Moss.