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Crate and Ouija Table
Originally uploaded by CalamityJon.

My girl and I have about a bazillion craft projects lying around the apartment, so I decided that September would be a period of craft-intensive labor which I've dubbed "Craftamageddon", or possibly "Craftpocalypse", or "The Craftelation of St.John". Anyway, lots of crafts is the point.

The above is a shelving solution for my studio - it's a small space, and I've pretty much completely run out of ways to store things in there - short of getting rid of some things (and admittedly a lot of things in there are things that I'm either going to be selling or am selling right now on eBay), I opted for a very simple shelving solution.

I got lucky, in that a couple of weeks back, I stumbled across a supermarket throwing away a few hundred red-tinted crates. I grabbed a bunch, did a small bit of hacking with some spare bits of wood I have floating around the house in order to make shelves, and then used one of the many Ouija boards currently in my possession (I dunno, man, I got a sickness or something) as a topper.

It's an imperfect solution - and I'll probably take these down later, sand them and repaint them - but it makes it less cluttered in here, and it's a good start. It's actually pretty fetching, although the white walls in here don't do anything for the overall look-and-feel ... I hate white walls. My next place is gonna get some serious paints...