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I've got the

I've got the first two frames of Part XI nearly done but it would be nice to have a forum for them. Invision seems to have forgotten my new password and ditto for my Zetaboard password. From their websites, it seems that these two boards have merged and their moving the Invision stuff over the Zetaboards. I suspect they're loosing passwords and things in the process (if I was paranoid I might think this was a conspiracy against me).

I'm seriously thinking about just setting up a forum somewhere that's run by different people.

I'm also trying to figure out how to get svgweb to work so I can have at least parts of my website doing fancy stuff on IE without having to worry about plugins. I tried writing a very simple script for it and it didn't work!

I'm also updating the svg viewers page for Opera 10. As far as I can tell so far, it's very similar to the previous version. This is generally good but there are clearly some issues, like why some SVG's used as images don't work and why some text doesn't appear.