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Hellboy - The Wild HuntI think Hellboy is probably the best comics creation of the last fifteen years, and he's almost inarguably the strongest franchise created from the comics medium since Wolverine was introduced in the Eighties. I'm practically a slavering fan, and Mignola can hardly do wrong by my estimation with his creation (other creators, I think, have fumbled the ball here and there, but I've always loved Mignola's work at the helm) but that being said, I'm not sure I'm on board the big plot reveal in the issue of The Wild Hunt which came out today.

I'll not actually produce any SPOILERS (but there's your SPOILER ALERT anyway), except to say that I think that one of the great successes of Hellboy as a character lies in Mignola's capacity to craft a very personal, very unique mythology around this character, which is particularly admirable as it's a portmanteau1 of oblique and obscure mythologies, from Lovecraft to Grimm to nuggets of European folklore. Now, we discover that Hellboy's personal mythos is actually tied into The Great Big Myth That Everyone Knows Especially In Comic Books.

Of course, I'm still more than happy to watch it play out, that's just my initial reaction.

So as they say on Newsarama - all the time, in every article, therefore making me want to kill all their writers with giant chunks of glass - what do you think?

1Thanks for reminding me of that word, Ben!