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Just got back

Just got back from Target, where they've got their Halloween display set up. They're stellar as always - whatever your feeling on department stores, chain stores, Target in particular, capitalist consumption or whatever else have you, the Target visual properties are always awesome - but I nonetheless had a momentary sinking of the heart. Target's themes this year include the highly marketable Skelanimals, which are beautifully designed and striking and adorable, and unfortunately also kind of look like something I'd gone and designed for the graphic novel that's been absorbing my attention for the last year and a half, Zayde Todt, to wit:

Let the lesson be to never dally, I suppose. Ah well. They're still pretty eye-catching, and they don't play such a large role in the book, but it'll be frustrating to hear - if it happens - the occasional "I love those birds you draw (pause) you ever see that Halloween display at Target last year?"