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Ice updated + Word on the Street Toronto + Signing at Strange Adventures

First of all, omigod Ice is updated with 7 new pages!!!! Oh man, don't trust that queen, Hunter. She's scary.

Yeah, that was brutal. But hey, they're done and they're up, and there's a reason why they aren't shaded, but I can't get into that right now, so enjoy them anyway. And wow, that scene is DONE. Hey, I might be able to finish this thing someday after all.

Guess what! I'll be at Toronto's Word on the Street on September 27th. I'll also be at the Joe Shuster Awards on September 26th (because The War at Ellsmere was nominated, yay!), and the Shuster Award people have kindly allowed me to mooch some space off them. So at WOTS I will be at table 230, which I believe is right next to where The Beguiling and Drawn & Quarterly have their tables, so I guess look for the tables with all the awesome comic books. I'll have copies of The War at Ellsmere and Zombies Calling for sale, and if you buy them, I'd be happy to draw a sketch for you as a thank you. Please come say hi!
(Unfortunately because Word on the Street occurs simultaneously throughout Canada, I won't be at Halifax's WOTS.)

My lovely local comic shop Strange Adventures is having some kind of crazy sale next week (I think from the 21st till the 29th), and in order to promote it, they're having Famous Comic People like Darwyn Cooke and Steve McNiven in to sign books. And me. Hahaha. Ahhhh, I dunno how that happened, but whatever. I will be at Strange Adventures on Thursday, September 24th from 5-6pm, signing & drawing in whatever you want me to. I think Steve and Darwyn are in the days before me, so come and visit all of us and buy something from Cal because he is awesome.