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New NCWCCC Site Design Proposal

First of all, the [NCWCCC] mailing list is working again, thanks to Frumph!  Thanks, Frumph! 

Secondly, I have a proposal for a new site design.  I know what I’d like us to have, but have no idea how to make it work.  Anyway, for a quick glance of the new site, go to  Let me know what you think!  There are a couple of things I need to explain. 

First of all is the member profile card at the top. Here’s the example:

In theory, this would essentially be a rotating banner of each NCWCCC member.  Yes, this would require you to give me an image and short bio on your comic/self or website(s). 

The Newsbox would be very much like the Keenspot or Biscuit Press newsbox which would and would link both to your webcomic/site and NCWCCC.  This would be a widget, (hopefully) that you can put on your own site.  The newsbox would come in two flavors, the one you see here ...

... and this smaller one:

Again, I have no idea how to code this. I hope someone will.  I think the rest is self explanatory,  If you have any questions, let me know.