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Word on the Street

I went to Word on the Street in Toronto this past weekend, and here's photographic proof: In this picture, one of my many large brothers impresses me by attempting to pay for a book. The Joe Shuster Award people were kind enough to spare me some space at their table, which was very nice, as I'd lost the Cartoonist award just the night before, and wasn't sure if people wanted to associate with me, or would rather chase down people who won. Which I wouldn't blame them for. It was actually kind of funny: I didn't make it to the Shusters last year and won, and this year ... well, it's obvious I just can't show up for any award I want to win. So I'm never showing up for the Oscars ever in the hopes that I'll win one for Most Awesome, or something.

Despite the stench of LOSER hanging above my head, Word on the Street was very fun. It's only the second time I've had a table to sell comics, and it was interesting seeing what sold and what didn't. Zombies Calling sold like crazy (I sold every copy I had of ZC), but Ellsmere barely moved, a complete reversal of what happened at TCAF. The crowd seemed more parents and kids than TCAF, and most of the books I sold went to younger readers, so I was kind of puzzled over ZC's dominance. At one point I started talking to some parents by the Labyrinth (a comic/art book store on Bloor St), and the mother was practially estatic about all the comics her kids were reading. "We need more comics for girls," she shouted, as her daughter pullled out a copy of Jellaby to show me. "More comics for girls, and make sure they're in colour!" Sadly, Ellsmere, not in colour.

I was on a webcomic panel late in the day, which I was super nervous about, but I don't think I screwed up too badly. There was a nice mix of those who made their money online and those who had somehow ended up in traditional publishing (like me). I guess I find the whole web verses print ONLY ONE WILL SURVIVE thing to be really annoying (why can't it be Print And Web, BFFs Forever! Or Print and Web: Hot Traditional on New Model Publishing Action!), so I was glad the panel didn't turn out to be that, and was just cartoonists talking about their craft and how they practice it. Which is how it should be. The panel was Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics), Emily Horne (A Softer World), Kean Soo (Jellaby) and another guy whose name escapes me and for some reason he's not listed in the WOTS program, so oops. Anyway, he did Zuda and other things.

And of course, after WOTS was done with and all the books were packed up, everyone got together to eat delicious foodstuffs and gossip about COMICS! Always my favourite part of the night. It was really great to get to talk a bit with the Toronto comic folk, and see the vibrancy and excitement of the scene there. I'm looking forward to TCAF next year.

Oh yeah, and it was my BIRTHDAY yesterday! I got comics, of course. I got volume 1 of Children of the Sea from my boyfriend and I'm enjoying it very much. It's lovely and relaxed in its storytelling, a luxury that it doesn't seem many North American comics are afforded. I'm slightly jealous and want to do a comic that takes pages for anything to happen. Such things can be frustrating when doled out in small updates, but when contained in a book, the effect is very immersive. It's a beautiful book. I also got Flight of the Conchords season 2, so now I can just go to the Sugarlumps song and play that scene endlessly. (.. my sugarlumps are two of a kind - sweet and white and highly refined ... )