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Real short post here today… I’m rewriting the script, slowly but surely, and have had to address, yet again, the whole Sam/Sammy debate.
In short, they’ve been a hamster and a dog for about 25 years, but since the movie will undoubtedly be the first exposure that many people will have to Melonpool, I think I should probably bite the bullet and just rename one or both of them once and for all.
The real problem is, what to name them? In the comic, I always liked that Sam was a short name in contrast to Mayberry’s longer name. I suppose this wouldn’t be an issue in a film, however. I wonder if “Bob” or “Ed” or any number of shorter names would work as well?
Sammy, on the other hand, could just as easily go by the name “Hammy,” since his full name is “Sammy the Hammy.” I like the way that the rhyming works for his name — a triumph left over from when I created the character when I was 10. I can’t think of any other name that rhymes with Hammy, though — and I know that several other characters already use the name “Hammy.” One possibility is the name “Shammy.” The nice thing would be that his name could be S. Hammy, but Ralph just calls his Shammy for short. He could even use the giant hamster to buff some part of the ship at some point.
Does anyone else have any ideas?