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This October: El Santo vs. The Vampire Women

My namesake, the legendary luchador El Santo — a.k.a. Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta, a.k.a. el Enmascarado de Plata, a.k.a. Samson — made himself world famous by taking on not only world class wrestlers like Blue Demon and Gory Guerrero, but also a wide assortment of colorful yet malevolent foes whose talents lay beyond those required in the squared circle and into the realms of the criminal underworld, the supernatural, the otherworldly, and karate expertise.

Just look at this filmography and marvel at the depth of his opponents:


The Diabolical Brain.

The King of Crime.

The Mafia of Vice.


Frankenstein’s daughter.

Karate Experts.

The Martian Invasion.

The Killers from Other Worlds.

That’s a lot of work for a humble wrestler! I mean, sure, if The Rock or Bret Hart had to face The King of Crime, Martians, and/or Karate Experts, I’m sure they’d totally People’s Elbow and/or Sharpshooter these jabronis into defeat … but they can’t beat this incredible track record. That’s what makes El Santo the Greatest Wrestler In The World.

His most famous foes by far, though, were The Vampire Women. This is the one where vampire women manage to capture and almost unmask our hero when they are single-handedly defeated by a unlikely tag team partner: sunlight. After which El Santo heroically picks up a torch and burns a bunch of sleeping women their deaths. Yeah. But, hey, dude’s got a kickass Jaguar.


So, in honor of my namesake, I shall be doing the same. As El Santo once fought the Vampire Women, I, the webcomic reviewer El Santo, shall be taking on the Vampire Women webcomics.

October is the month of El Santo vs. The Vampire Women.


I’ll be start the vampire hunt with three webcomics prominently featuring female vampires: Eerie Cuties, School Bites, and Annyseed. Not to worry… El Santo will save you from the vampire women! If you know of any other webcomics featuring vampire women, please contact the proper authorities by posting a link in the comments section and we’ll try to send a licensed vampire hunter right away.

NOTE: fanfiction prominently featuring Edward Cullen are not welcome. What is this, El Santo vs. The Vampire MEN? However, if said fanfiction’s main character is a vampire woman who is in love with Edward Cullen, we will consider it pending board review.

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