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Monday Morning Updates

I mailed out the DEAD EYES OPEN comic books to our five winners this morning (You should get them by the end of the week I expect. EXCEPT for our winner in Serbia/Montenegro - probably won't get to you until next week sometime). I realize we may have made this contest hard to enter by requiring you to... draw something. But I could use some feedback - Comixpedia is growing large enough as a community that it is more feasible to have contests and such, but it won't work if I only get 7 entrants. Realistically I'd need closer to 100+ entrants to make it worthwhile to organize another give-away.

In news news, Tom Spurgeon has a bunch of good, not-webcomic links this morning: here's a link to a review of a video game based on Bone and in the DC Examiner there's a story on the business comeback of DC-based comic book stores.

And in relative-rookie plugs, check out Amazing New Worlds from John Hilliard. Besides drawing a swell zombie, he has a funny webcomic going there.

UPDATE: I should also mention that Julie Keene has an art show goin' on for the month of August in Niagra Falls. Keene creates the weekly webcomic Okay Pants.