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Reviewer to watch out for: Quixoticirony

Meagan and Sarah of Quixoticirony typically use their blog to review books. It’s pretty much their shared passion — between the two, there’s an English major, a Pacific Literature thesis, and a Mass Media Communications major. It looks like they’re going to be spending some time talking about their favorite webcomics. Here’s a glimpse at their review line-up. First at the bat, Questionable Content, which got a 9.5 out of 10:

First off, what makes Questionable Content (QC) my favorite webcomic?

I’d say it’s my great love of quirk. You’re talking about the person who adores Pushing Daisies, Juno, and Firefly/Serenity. I ♥ quirk. QC is is a quirky, webcomic version of Friends. It’s also set in an alternate reality, one where computers walk around, interact with their owners, and have Roomba chariot races. Scientists live in space stations and people can dress up in Victorian costumes at their local bar. Squirrels also play a part . . . What’s not to love?

I personally am not a huge QC fan, perhaps because I am not that huge a fan of quirk, though the few strips I’ve seen were enjoyable enough. (The ones that prominently feature Hannelore are easily better than Faye or Martin-centric ones.) Anyway, if you’ve ever wanted to give Questionable Content a try, check out their review to see the perspective from one of Jeph Jacques’ fans.

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