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I fly The Steel Duck

The Steel Duck, in a lot of ways, predates the current version of Melonpool by about a decade. Created for a 1984 video project called “Bizarre Wars,” The Steel Duck was Ham Sirloin and Chew’n'Tobacco’s trusty spaceship. Realized as a 3-inch model in 1991 for an unfinished remake of this crazy parody, The Steel Duck became Mayberry’s ship in 1996 with the publication of The Melonpool Chronicles. Up until that time, Mayberry flew around in a ship that looked an awful lot like the Starship Enterprise.

A lot of people have speculated over the years that Ralph Zinobop’s mallard-shaped craft was a parody of the Klingon Bird of Prey. Sure, they’re both green and look like birds, but you can clearly see the Star Wars influences on the craft — specifically the solar panels and radar dish placement.
I thought it was about time I did some really nice scale drawings of the ship for the film. I think the days of using the old broken-down 3-inch model are over. My plan is to make a 2-foot version and maybe a 1-foot version for the new film. I know how tempting it is to use CGI in the day and age, but with a film made entirely of puppets, it seems apropos to use old-school effects like scale models, as well.
Enjoy these plans. I’ll post more of the construction as she begins to takes place!