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Book ‘Em?

As I’ve written in earlier posts. I’ve been working on the latest draft of the script. It’s starting to take shape, but I suddenly became aware of a deadline looming ahead of me: Christmas!
Why should I worry about that, you may ask, since it’s barely October and it’s not like I have a comic that’s updating or anything… well, there is one more Melonpool thing that needs to get done, and if I can get my act together, there could be a Book IV under some of your trees this year!
The way I figure it, I have about 3 weeks of editing to do on Book VI, which was delayed when my grandmother suddenly got cancer a few years ago. Since then, it’s been rather painful for me to revisit it, but I think I’m at a place now, where I can move on. I think it might be a worthy project right now, so I may button up what I need to on this draft this week, then finally finish the book. If I can get it to Comixpress by the beginning of November, it should be available for sale for Christmas. This also would give me something to sell at Comic-Con, to further increase the budget of the film.
I wonder if people are ready to finally finish out their Melonpool libraries?