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Rampage Network Caption Contest for October 2009

Yes! We have another Caption Contest for everyone to have a go at! The art for this contest was drawn by Nelson Evergreen. Nelson was one of the first, and enthusiastic, artists for the open-source trans-dimensional character, Jenny Everywhere!

How do you participate? Simple! Send your best caption for this art to! You have until October 21st, and then we post a list of narrowed down entries (10 max) in our forum to be voted on. The caption that gets the most votes by October 31st wins!

This Caption Contest is also a cross-promotion with The Shifter Archive, an "official-unofficial" comprehensive archive of all things Jenny Everywhere! The prize for this contest is a print copy of the Jenny Everywhere comic book, When Casting Calls, written by Jason Frank and drawn by Scott Wegener.  Much thanks to Nelson's contribution to this contest! Be sure to check out his Art Blog as well!