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Beardus Maximus


If you’ve listened to Art & Story or follow the same folks I do on Twitter, you know that a few of my friends have been bugging me to grow a beard. Why? Because I’m home alone for a few months, and, well, I guess that’s just what dudes do.

Beard’s itch like hell. I don’t want to do it.


I’m willing to sacrifice my personal comfort by issuing a challenge to you, dear PC Weenies reader.

For every copy of Rebootus Maximus that is purchased via my website, starting today, I will delay my shaving by one day. You can see photographic proof every day on my Flickr page.

So, if 5 copies of “Rebootus Maximus” are ordered, then my beard grows for 5 days. I leave for India on December 19th. That’s 73 days from now.

Plenty of beard growin’ time. (And admit it, you WANT me to sport that ZZ Top beard.)

If I sell 73 copies, I’m taking my beard to India to freak out Aarti. (And, for the record, she really hates beards.)

So, the gauntlet is laid down. I am issuing a challenge. Are you ready for Beardus Maximus?


P.S. If I get 100 orders (or more), I will also have my head BALD. Nothing will freak out Aarti more than a bald-headed bearded dude. :)