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(Re) Learning to Draw

So, I’ve started sketching things in my sketchbook again. It’s weird to see how rusty I’ve gotten over the last few years, especially having just read just about every comic I’ve ever drawn while converting this site over to Wordpress… but I’m confident that if I apply myself, I’ll get my mojo back.
One of the reasons I’m even considering posting some new strips is that I really don;t like the idea of the Alternate Timeline strips being the first thing new readers see when they check out the site… they’re not exactly the typical type of stuff people would see here. I don’t think I want to start updating daily again, but I think I’d like to have the option of doing a storyline every couple of months or so. I have two ideas sort of fleshed out in my sketchbook, and as long as it stays fun and doesn’t take away too much time from the movie and other projects, I don’t see the harm in doing them.
Anyway, I thought I’d share a few of my sketches, just to see how my art has held up over the last couple of years. I may keep posting sketches for the next few weeks, just to show my progress. The other exciting news is that I’m finally buying the lumber I need to start building the sets for the film. so after October, there should be some updates on that front as well!