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PC Weenies in the news and a “Beardus” Update!

First up: I was recently interviewed by Bill Palmer for iProng Magazine. It was an honor to be asked, because iProng Magazine interviews a lot of heavy hitters in their magazine (like Felicia Day, Carlos Santana, Collective Soul, et. al).

It’s been over a week since I’ve had the house all by myself. As you probably know, I am participating in “Beardus Maximus” – whereby I don’t shave my face for every book that is ordered. As of this writing, I’ve got 4 days left before the blade takes the beard comes off.

My beard’s starting to itch a little, but as this photo shows, it’s starting to come in nicely. (Though I probably shouldn’t have taken the photo right after I’d woken up…). Your goal: make me look like a hobo for my upcoming trip to India. Aarti hates beards, and what better way to surprise her than by wearing one when I see her! ;)

 Day 6

Buy a book. Save a beard. Freak out my wife.