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The Harvey Awards: NASCAR Heroes loses


So while a lot of webcomics were nominated at the Harveys, only High Moon (reviewed here) managed to walk away with an award… specifically the “Best On-Line Comics Work” Award. Congratulations to Scott O. Brown, David Gallaher, and Steve Ellis!

In the greatest upset, NASCAR Heroes #5 loses the Best Single Issue or Story Award to Y: The Last Man. Too bad, Matt Cassan, but it’s not easy to win the award the year the last issue of Y: The Last Man gets released. Maybe next year!

(Yeah, that was a little tongue in cheek. But you know something? I would’ve actually thrown a minor party if NASCAR Heroes did win! Go, underdogs!)

Also, as a big fan of both All-Star Superman and Fables, I was very pleased to see the first win Best Writer and Best Continuing or Limited Series while the latter snagged James Jean an award for Best Cover Artist.

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