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Webcomic Beacon #93 - 24 Hour Comics Day , 24 Hour Broadcast... attempt

JT Shea (The Gigcast) joins Fes during this 24 Hour Broadcast attempt, for 24 Hour Comics Day, to chat and play some ukulele for us! Also Ben Carver (Point Guardian) comes on to talk about a few things, including The Crossoverlord comic, which has recently hit 100 pages!  Melissa Kaercher (Tin Lizard Productions) and Alex Heberling (Garanos) later joins Fes and Mark to discuss about a lot of non-webcomicky stuff, but a lot of good and fun conversation! We also include a couple of unreleased chip-ish tunes from the guy whom we've been using music from for The Webcomic Beacon.

Included in the show is some music created by Rose (Red Moon Rising) and Onyx Sparrow (Prepare to Die)!

Listen to Part 1, then listen to Part 2!

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