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A Forgotten Milestone…

The very first time I drew the PC Weenies in my sketchbook was October 14th, 1998. A week later, on October 21st, the very first PC Weenies website launched, with the inaugural PC Weenies comic accompanying it.

11 years is a lot of time. It’s time that I never expected to commit to when I published the first comic. But, in hindsight, I am so glad that I did…

There have been many ups-and-downs (including the most recent server ups-and-downs, haha) throughout the past 11 years, so as this week continues thru October 21st, I will be posting some “blasts from the pasts” PC Weenies nuggets that have been tucked away. Some of these have never been seen by readers before.

Like? Well, how about the cover to the sketchbook wherein the very first PC Weenies characters (and comics) were conceived:

 scans from the first sketchbook!

On the front of the sketchbook were sketches of Oswald, Maximus, and Hubert (aka Klaws) – three characters that you may have seen in various incarnations on the blog.

Below are some photos of pages containing a few of the very earliest PC Weenies comics. (These never made it to the web.) I’m putting these up here for the first time. Look at how Bob’s changed… he used to be somewhat tall. And look at his mammoth hands!

 scans from the first sketchbook!

In fact, in the page below, Bob almost appears to be as tall as Pam!

 scans from the first sketchbook!

When I first started making comics, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I just had the urge to make and draw my own comics. I had stories to tell. I wanted to make people laugh. If I knew back then that I’d keep drawing the same characters for over 10 years AND have a book (which you should seriously buy!), I probably wouldn’t have believed it. But I’m glad I stuck with it through thick and thin.

I hope that these images will inspire other cartoonists to start their own dreams – and not wait for “the right moment”, because it will never come. You just have to START and see what happens…