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Wednesday Wanderings

Greg Dean (Real Life) will be at Kumoricon in Portland, Oregon this year. The third annual Kumoricon takes place next month from September 3-5th.

Eric Reynolds from Fantagraphics gloats over today's NY Times article on webcomics: "NY Times declares: Groth 1, Cuckooland 0". And at Websnark, Eric Burns also takes on the story from NY Times critic Sarah Boxer.

And last this is an interesting bit: Amazon has lifted the earnings cap for affiliates for almost all of its products. If you have an Amazon affiliate account this seems to mean you can make lots more money from referring folks to purchasing products at Jeff Bezos' shop.

Re: Wednesday Wanderings

Any chance we can retire the word "Cuckooland" from comics discourse? Despite everything I think was right about Boxer's article, this kind of raspberry-blowing reinforces every negative stereotype I have about Fantagraphics, just as Dirk Deppey seems to be tearing them down.