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Quick comics question - Indy Comic Book Week

Indy Comic Book Week logo

Slowly but surely, the news about Indy Comic Book Week is making the rounds. I don't know the organizers but I'm debating getting involved. If you don't know, the general idea is that Diamond will not be shipping new comics to comic book shops on December 30th. They are experimenting with a street date for DC's Blackest Night series, but that's technically shipping the week before and should not go on sale 'til December 30th. Either way, that date marks an interesting opportunity for small press titles.

From the site:

We challenge writers and artists to self publish new material for this week, and offer it to their local stores. We ask for retailers to take this as an opportunity to showcase local independent talent on the new release shelves. We encourage fans to break from their buying habits and try something new.

So, what do you guys think of this idea in general? And should I get involved in it? If I did, it would most likely only be on the local level (since the reason Diamond is missing December 30th is that shipping in general is tricky that week), but still...


P.S. tip of the hat to [info]kaolinfire to pointing the whole thing out to me.