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Where are YOU reading the PC Weenies from?

Where are YOU Reading the PC Weenies from?

The latest map from my site stats program (courtesy of Clicky!), indicates where people are visiting from . The darkest blue color represents the largest density of readers.

The US and Canada take the lead, with Germany in 2nd (still no Rebootus Maximus orders there, as yet.). Australia holds onto 3rd. India, Argentina, Finland, Sweden, Spain and France round out the other medium blue regions. The light blue regions indicate that less than 10 readers are visiting from their respective countries. Yellow indicates there are no readers visiting from those countries.

What’s particularly exciting to see is that the number of countries of PC Weenies readers has increased. There was a time when there were NO readers from Africa, China, or Russia. Even South America was almost yellow just a few months ago…

Thank you for helping me spread the word about the comic. If you want this strip to last for years and years (This Wednesday marks 11 years!), please tell a friend, and share the comic on your favorite social networking site. Every little bit helps!

Thanks for your support!