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Hey there I

Hey there, I want to spread the word on something [info]drewgilbert is doing:

The short story is this: With a child on the way, I have decided that before being a father takes up all of my free time, I need to try running in this one insane race I have wanted to do for years now. To keep me on this path, I am doing it for the non profit arts program Free Arts NYC.
To convince you to give me money for this charity, I am offering to do a portrait of you or a loved one for donations of $35, or two portraits for $50. If you would like to get some slick, professional art for yourself (or as a gift to someone you love) on the cheap, now is a great time for you and me to make that happen :)

Click here to see samples of what I have done, and to read more about the whole shebang

The Tough Guy race is a ridiculous eight-country-mile obstacle course(obstacle course is honestly not at all coming close to describing the race, but it's the only phrase that really fits. Go here to see what the people who do it go through). I am in absolutely no shape whatsoever to run in this race yet. I hope people will be entertained by my training progress videos, the first one of which I posted on my youtube page earlier this week. Another one should go up tomorrow.

Free Arts NYC helps create arts programs for underprivileged kids and underfunded school systems in the New York City area. I would have preferred to find a nationwide program that does the same thing, but could not find one that was as comprehensive as this, and I hope by showing some love to this one, it might help other places realize the value in doing these types of works. My life has been pretty great, in part because I was able to discover art in grade school, so I chose this charity to give other kids who like me, were not great at academics, to be able to find something that can enrich their lives.

I have never been the best at being charitable, so if you are unable or unwilling to donate for this, I certainly won't hold it against you at all, but if you would like to see me go through hell trying to reach my goal here (I really do promise to make this process as hellish on me as possible and as entertaining as possible for you who might be watching me do it), then it would be AMAZING if you could pass this email, or my website and goal around to friends and family. I look at raising this money much like a high school dance - if you only ask a few girls, you might not get anyone to dance with you. It's a numbers game, so I need to get as many people seeing this message as I can, so like I said, if you can't donate enough for a portrait, it would still be great to get a dollar or two. Again though, I won't hold a lack of donation against anyone, but if you could please pass it around to
someone who might be able to do so, I would really appreciate it.

I am documenting the whole journey, training, portraits, etc collectively on my website,

With training videos on Youtube

You can also follow me on twitter:

View my portrait drawings on Ustream:

and see final images on Flickr:

If you made it this far in the email, thank you! I knew there was a reason I liked you enough to bother you this badly :)

Thanks again!