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Clever turnips, these needle-teeth.

Did you know that the tradition of carving Jack O'Lanterns began with turnips rather than pumpkins? I guess so! Anyway, I gave it a try, and carved this little weirdo.

Wanna know why they don't do that anymore? (A) It's hard and (B) turnips smell kind of awful after they've been sitting around a while.

Carved this over at [info]thespus' place on Sunday, where much fun and good food was had, and also ... Adam? We stole your breadknife. If you ever want to see it alive again, put forty cents in a brown paper bag and leave it under the third stall in the men's room at Gasworks Park.

Here it is ON FIRE (with an LED light. Later on I'd put a proper tealight in there, and have the top burned up into a rotten black mess).