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Webcomics Wiki Site Operational

We are just starting to organize ourselves (please message or email me if you want to get added to the mailing list for that) but since it is a wiki site there's no reason folks can't get started adding entries for webcomics now.

The to-be-named soon wiki for webcomics is at and it's alive! Alive, I say!!

If you add an article please check the first to see if any work has already been done - if it has it should be kosher to copy and paste the wikipedia article into the webcomic wiki. That doesn't mean you can't make further changes, but we're going to make efforts to keep synced with the wikipedia where a topic appears in both places.

Re: Webcomics Wiki Site Operational

Xaviar Xerexes's picture

I just added some info to the main page there on how to add a new page. Tell me if it's not clear though.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

Re: Webcomics Wiki Site Operational

Brad Hawkins's picture

Am I just utterly clueless? I can't seem to figure out how to add an article.

Anyone else having this problem?

Half the links take me to a page asking me to put in information about the link -- even Xerexes' name! Come on, X, don't you like talking about yourself? :)

Re: Webcomics Wiki Site Operational

Erik Melander's picture

Some thoughts,

Should there only be entries for webcomics or can we also post entries for creators. After all, some creators have several comics and others do mostly short self contained works.

While I agree that every comic should get an entry (if there is someone to write it) there still should be some sort of editorial board to keep the entries factual.

A short example of the minimum amount of information for an entry would be nice. The things I can think of is Title, Author, First published, URL.

Can we agree on a genre system? Some of the toplists uses cathegory systems that mixes style and content wildly.

Re: Webcomics Wiki Site Operational

Do both and crosslink them.

Re: Webcomics Wiki Site Operational

Oh, I think there REALLY should be some sort of listings/contents page. If only to make people looking go "Ah! I remember that comic!"