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Beardus Maximus Progress Update!

Here’s the latest on the Beardus Maximus Meter:

And my beard progress so far…

Photo on 2009-10-28 at 23.08 #2

As of this writing, there are 33 days left till my beard’s execution. I only need to sell another 27 more books till I wear my beard to India. And a meager 77 books to shave my head completely bald to accompany said beard.

I’ll be out of the country December 19th, so please order your books early if you want them to arrive in time for the holidays.

more Rebootus to pack and ship!

If you’re interested in buying more than one copy of the book, contact me and I can give you a shipping quote. If you’re in the US, I can mail books via Priority flat rate boxes to save on shipping costs.

While there’s still a healthy number of “Rebootus Maximus” books available for purchase, I’ve got roughly 30 copies of the PC Weenies / UNcubed Sampler #1 comic book left. There will be no more reprints of Sampler #1 when it’s sold out…

Order now and order often :)

Help support The PC Weenies. Each book that is ordered helps me justify the inordinate amount of time I spend making comics for you. Buy a book to help me convince Aarti that it’s okay to spend all this time making comics. Because that’s who I ultimately have to answer to. :)

Thanks for your support!