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Another Rebootus Maximus sighting!

I love getting photos of readers with their copy of “Rebootus Maximus”. Below is reader Rob Stenzinger, musician and webcartoonist of ArtGeekZoo.

 Rob Stenzinger

Rob wrote:

Hello Krishna,

Thank you for the awesome artist edition of Rebootus Maximus, I really dig the picture of Bob with his Footle Fone. :)

 Rob Stenzinger

Please find some photos attached with me in my home office/studio/batcave enjoying the book.

The sampler comic is great too, makes me wish a full Uncubed book was available. Is there one in the works? Also, my wife, Kate really enjoyed discovering Uncubed and has started following it online. The only bad (but not really bad) thing – she hints that I should do a sweet family journal kind of comic.

 Rob Stenzinger

Thanks for making awesome comics!

Thank YOU, Rob – for your generous support! And, an UNcubed book is something I definitely would like to do. If “Rebootus” continues to sell well, then I think that a book could happen! (hint! hint!) ;)