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Taking a Sabbatical

This may come as a shock to regular readers, but I’m going to come right out and say it.

I need a break.

I’ve been plugging away at making my own comics for over 11 years now, and the time feels right for me to go on a mini-vacation for a little while.

Truth be told, I have a few other irons in the fire that have been sitting on my personal back burner for quite some time that I would now like to turn my attention towards.

Do I hate comics? NO! Am I getting bored of making comics? No. Do I have more stories to tell? Abs-a-freakin’-lutely.

But I need a little time off, and after 11 years I think I’m entitled to it. ;)

So, effective immediately, I’m taking a sabbatical from comics for the next two months (at least until I return from India). I’ll still be updating my blog with things I’m working on, and there may be an occasional new piece of art that pops up. There may be an occasional comic (or guest-comic) that I’ll put up from time to time.

The beard will still grow, and the books will still be available for sale.

Thanks for understanding, and I hope you’ll still come back and check in on the blog…