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Slappy Halloween, Flapjacks!

More Jack-O-Lanterns ...
Originally uploaded by CalamityJon.

Hey, Happy Almost Halloween everybody! I carved another pumpkin earlier this week, on accounta my turnip ghost jack-o-lantern basically burned up into a charred nodule, and besides I wanted to carve them horrible teeth again, because it's fun. There's a full-light pic of this guy here, and also you can see that I carved a Pac-O-Lantern and friends ...

Speaking of Halloween, I have a new article up at Halloween Costumes For People Who Aren't Really Trying. It's handy advice for you folks who don't give a ding-dong for costumes, you unlovable wretches. Also important is that I'm slowly learning what cusswords I can use in my articles and still make them funny, which I have to do because I perform blue.

And lastly, I actually kind of forgot these were up, but Brodie reminded me of BOO!Halloween Stories being online - the 2006 collaborative project is here, and then there's also Manning Krull's and my inaugural BOO! project. Lots of great stories out there - may I specifically recommend Seven Little Devils, the art on which I think Manning knocked out of the park?

Okay, phew, that's enough of this from me - go enjoy your Halloweens, folks!