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Reference and cat desks

Starling and I are hard at work on Friends With Boys. Obviously she's working harder than I am, as you can see from this picture. Wow, I have totally become one of those people who posts pictures of their cats online. Living the dream!
The photo printouts on the desk are of an old house a co-worker was renting a room in a while back (he's not any more), and I asked if I could come over to take reference pictures. I've become a bit of a reference whore lately ... suddenly I don't want to draw anything without knowing what it actually looks like. I spent hours photographing the place, and sadly most of the photos have disappeared. ARGH. It was such a perfect house, too. I suspect I thought I'd emptied the camera's memory card when actually I hadn't, and up and deleted things. THBBT.
Here's a graveyard that shows up a lot in the story too:

Pretty, huh? Yes, once things were green in Nova Scotia. For about two weeks.