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The Pen to Web Tutorial by Quinn Fleming

The Pen to Web Tutorial is a very basic resource for starting webcartoonists, covering the process of converting your pen-and-paper lineart into a fully-rendered comic strip using recent versions of Adobe Photoshop.

Part One - Getting your B&W

The Arrow Tool

Step 1 - The original image

The first step in converting a drawn image to part of a digital (web) comic is to scan your image in. This has already been done for you. Rightclick and choose "Save As" to download it here. What we have is a grayscale scan of a black line drawing. It was scanned at 300 dpi; it's always a good idea to scan and work big, making shrinking your image one of the last steps. This helps to give your images a smooth, more natural look.

The file has been saved in GIF format and grayscale mode, so it has been flattened (made to be one layer) and the color mode restricted (fixed to black, white and grays so you can't use color). While in this mode it's impossible to do the kind of edits you want to do, so the first step is to go to Image>Mode and select RGB Color.

Before you go on to the next step, go to Window at the top of the screen and click. This gives a list of the available windows to display. For this exercise, you should have the following windows checked off: Tools, Options, Layers, and the Status Bar. Feel free to have others open, but they aren't directly necessary for this exercise.

Step 1