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SuperFogeys Page 1 Roughs

A few weeks ago, Brock Heasley approached me to draw a 3 page SuperFogeys: Origins story. The story was originally intended for David Reddick to illustrate, but Dave had to bow out due to a very busy schedule.

I was nervous and excited about the opportunity. Nervous because it had been a very long time since I attempted a page-based comic layout. Excited because, deep down, I’d been jonesing to draw some action sequence based comics.

Brock was a total pleasure to work with. He sent me a very tight script, but left it up to me to pick camera angles. I broke the script down into thumbnails and sent him the roughs to get feedback. The whole process was exciting and fun – especially because I could just draw and not have to worry about writing for a change.

Below are the roughs for page 1. You can click on ‘em to see the larger version.

SuperFogey roughs  page1

As page 2 and page 3 get published on SuperFogeys, I’ll post the roughs for those pages online.