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Tony Shenton!

I just wanted to announce (oh.....formal!) that Tony Shenton will be representing the road to god knows... (and me, too!) starting right now. Yay!

(Mr. Shenton and yours truly)

If you don't know, Tony represents a number of small press publishers to comic shops and other stores primarily in the United States. He and I have chatted for quite some time so it's really nice that he's willing to take my bookie on. Things will roll out slowly over the next little while, but I can say that the following comic book stores will have stock of road in the next week or so:

Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City

Cosmic Comics, also in New York City

Cosmic Monkey Comics in Portland, Oregon

I do want to point out that these stores are all taking a shot on me here, putting their money on the line and placing an order for me, a primarily an unknown creator with an unknown book. This is basically based on Tony's reputation and persuasiveness. If you happen to know anyone who might be willing to give it a shot ($12.95 US for 148 pages, folks!), please let them know, ok?