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Hermit Hill, the First Webcomic in Metaplace

For the past few nights I've been playing around with this new online game/virtual world called Metaplace. The concept is really interesting in that it allows users to create their own worlds within the game. The tool set is actually very robust and I think the users who are there now have only scratched the surface of what's possible here. You could actually create your very own multiplayer role playing game with all your own graphics, sprites and sounds.

I created a small world of my own that looks like Walter's hill with a cartoonist studio inside the house. I set it up to promote Hermit Hill with some strips and linked sketchbook pages. I could potentially see creating an entire world within this deceptively simple framework. There's a lot of potential for webcomics here and I can't wait to see what people come up with. If this thing takes off it could become quite the community. As far as I can tell from my searches of the current online worlds within Metaplace I think I can lay claim to being the first webcomic to create a presence there. Check it out for yourself!

Hermit Hill on Metaplace.